JUST UPDATED! Repair Station Course List (50 updated courses included, audio and video and expanded content)

  • 145CS102          An English Review to Improve Written Communication
  • 145BS101          Back Safety
  • 145FAS3            Basic First Aid - Burns
  • 145FAS1            Basic First Aid - CPR
  • 145FAS2            Basic First Aid - Cuts & Wounds
  • 145FAS4            Basic First Aid - Eye Injuries
  • 145DA101         Better Understanding DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regs
  • 145HF243         Building Teamwork into an Organization
  • 145CS101         Communicating with your Manager
  • 145HF105         Complacency - What is it Costing You?
  • 145HF102         Dealing with Stress
  • 145CFR109       Detecting & Reporting Suspected Unapproved Parts
  • 145CS227         Developing the Three Basic Leadership Skills
  • 145ES                Electrical Safety
  • 145CS109         English & Aviation Maintenance
  • 145FS101         Facility Security an Overview
  • 145CFR001       FAR Part 1 - Definitions & Abbreviations
  • 145CFR145A         FAR Part 145 - Sub Sections 211 & 213 Reviewed
  • 145CFR145SPC    FAR Part 145 - Subpart C
  • 145CFR145SPD    FAR Part 145 - Subpart D
  • 145CFR145SPE    FAR Part 145 - Subpart E
  • 145CFR039      FAR Part 39 -  Airworthiness Directives
  • 145CFR043      FAR Part 43 - A Repair Station Perspective
  • 145CFR065      FAR Part 65 - A Repair Station Perspective
  • 145FLS3           Fork Lift Physics
  • 145HC104       Hazmat - Health Hazards
  • 145HC101       Hazmat - Labeling
  • 145HC102       Hazmat - MSDSs
  • 145HC103       Hazmat - Physical Hazards
  • 145HC105       Hazmat - Protective Measures
  • 145HF100       Human Factors - "The Danger Zones"
  • 145HF123       Identifying Human Factors
  • 145HF104       Importance of Communication for Aircraft Techs
  • 145HF107       Importance of Maintenance Resource Management
  • 145HF101       Improving Your Performance
  • 145HF121       Introduction to Situational Awareness
  • 145HF116       It is All a Matter of Human Factors
  • 145FLS1          Know Your Lift Truck
  • 145FLS2          Lift Truck Safety
  • 145PPE1          PPE - Eye & Face Protection
  • 145PPE5         PPE - Foot Protection
  • 145PPE4         PPE - Hand Protection
  • 145PPE6         PPE - Hearing Protection
  • 145PPE2         PPE - Respiratory Protection
  • 145PPE3         PPE- Head Protection
  • 145CFR107    Prepare for the A&P Computerized Test
  • 145CSS101    Proper Use of Aerolearn e-Training Software
  • 145HF126      The Nightshift: An AMTs Way of Life
  • 145HF201      Workplace Safety
  • 145CS107      10 Basic Rules for Effective Communication

Aerolearn helps build Federal Aviation Administration- (FAA) approved aircraft maintenance Training Programs. We offer 50 online courses for your FAA approved Repair Station Training Program. Aerolearn offers repair stations an efficient training curriculum that maximizes your training investment, and makes training easier. Total Training Management is the integration of an out-sourced Training Manager provided by Northrop Rice and Aerolearn’s online courses and recordkeeping. If you are looking for Aviation Online Courses like Airframe Courses Online, Powerplant Courses Onlineaviation repair station training etc. , please feel free and take a look at our extended list of courses.

About Aerolearn

We have been building online courses for aircraft maintenance since 1999.  At Northrop Institute of Technology, and currently, Northrop Rice USA we have been teaching Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) courses since 1947.

We give FAA Repair Stations options when it comes to training. Online or On-Site. Classroom or Shop, Your Choice, because we do it all.

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