To be an Aircraft Mechanic, or Aviation Maintenance Technician means using your hands. So how do we teach online?

Yesterdays aircraft mechanic worked on greasy radial engines, but todays Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) is using diagnostic software on laptops and troubleshooting electrical problems with a hand-held computer. AMTs use computers at work, so why not use computers for e-Training?

Aerolearn presents courses for both individuals and FAA Repair Station Training Programs.

Aerolearn has developed over 120 aviation maintenance e-training courses for individuals to help understand the technologies of modern turbine engines and fly-by-wire flight controls.

Today's AMT must know about everything: electrical wiring, metals, composites, turbines, landing gear, and flight controls to name a few hardware items. But equally important are Human Factors, Personal Safety, Troubleshooting, Corrosion Control, Teamwork and Career Advancement.

Aerolearn presents online training for all of the above and more

  • Do you want to learn about Aviation Maintenance?
  • Are you interested in Aviation and want to understand how planes work?
  • Are you a mechanic and want to learn more about advances in aviation technologies?

Our courses are a fast, easy way to get answers to your questions. Aerolearn Basic courses take from 20-60 minutes to complete. You are able to stop at any section in a course & come back later to pick up on the section you left off.

You can print a Certificate of Learning for courses you complete with 80% or better. You can retake the courses anytime in your registration period and you can take as many courses as you like.

Just in Time Training

You can take as many Aerolearn Basic courses as you like during your quarterly or annual registration period.  Stop at any point in a course, and come back later to finish the course. You can print a Certificate of Learning for courses you complete with 80% or better. 

Campus Use Tutorial

Take a 5 minute tour of the Aerolearn Basic online campus. Learn how to enroll in courses and walk through the online training process by using the Campus Use Tutorial.

Every active aviation maintenance technician plays a significant role in the safe and secure operation of aircraft. Aerolearn's Aircraft Maintenance Training Program allows aircraft maintenance professionals to continue their aviation maintenance training from the comfort of one’s own office. We offer a comprehensive solution that covers many aviation subjects, is an extremely good value, and pis well accepted in the aviation maintenance training industry. Leading government aviation safety agencies and aviation safety consultant around the world recognize Aerolearn aviation maintenance courses and professional development training. If you need an to be customized to meet your requirements, contact us today, and we will be more than happy to accommodate your requests.

About Aerolearn

We have been building online courses for aircraft maintenance since 1999.  At Northrop Institute of Technology, and currently, Northrop Rice USA we have been teaching Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) courses since 1947.

We give FAA Repair Stations options when it comes to training. Online or On-Site. Classroom or Shop, Your Choice, because we do it all.

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