Aerolearn Brings Your FAA Repair Station Training Online

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For most FAA Repair Stations, training is the "pebble in the shoe."

If you're a Training Manager, QA Manager, or even the FAA Repair Station Accountable Manager, the need for training is always there, nagging you, reminding you, that at any moment an incident could strike. You have a Repair Station Training Program, so you can use Aerolearn training courses immediately.

Let’s face it…no one wants to think about training. You don’t, your employees don’t, even your bosses don’t. Just say the word “training” around the shop and you’ll hear a collective groan. You know your MRO & FAA Repair Station Training Program is required by 14CFR Part 145:


But maybe training doesn’t have to be as painful as it’s been in the past.

Now, we’re not saying we’ve found the magic pill, but what we’ve done is create a program that is easy, flexible, and faster than anything you’ve done in the past.

Here’s the secret…all our training is done online. And that benefits you with:


  • A library of brand new Repair Station Courses. Aerolearn gets you started with 50 courses on Day 1, and they are all NEW!
  • Ease – the only thing you need to complete this training is a computer. If you can wiggle a mouse and punch a few keys you're ready to go.
  • Flexibility – once you sign up for our program, you and your employees have access to the full training courses for up to a year. Rather than shutting down shop to complete group trainings, your employees can choose times that works best for them. So your employees can go through the course materials during downtime or "sweeping the hangar" time.
  • Accuracy – our system tracks your employees training progress online. Once they pass the short, interactive quizzes, you can immediately print out the Certificates of Completion.
  • Speed – face-to-face training can take a ridiculous amount of time. First, you’ve got to get the course materials together. Second, you’ve got to coordinate a location and time. Finally, you’ve got to get your employees to attend and offer a make-up training for those who aren’t present. And as you know, time is money.

Get a move on training! We get you started with over 50 courses immediately, and then you add your courses to your library to make it CUSTOM. Aerolearn's Build a Course makes new training easier than ever.

Your FAA Repair Station Training Manual tells the world that you are going to provide training - use Aerolearn to make training easy and documented.

Aerolearn is your FAA Repair Station Training Solution. Our record keeping and training documentation systems make FAA audits of your Training Program a breeze. Let us help get that pebble out of your shoe and put your training worries behind you..

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About Aerolearn

We have been building online courses for aircraft maintenance since 1999.  At Northrop Institute of Technology, and currently, Northrop Rice USA we have been teaching Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) courses since 1947.

We give FAA Repair Stations options when it comes to training. Online or On-Site. Classroom or Shop, Your Choice, because we do it all.

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