Are you ready for the next Repair Station Training innovation? Total Training Management (TTM) is the future for many FAA Repair Stations to gather all training together. Aerolearn and Northrop Rice have partnered to provide your Repair Station with a complete A to Z Training Program.

You can take the "pebble in your shoe" out and throw it away. We have been delivering aviation maintenance training since 1947, and we are experts at the design, delivery and tracking of any training subject you can imagine, both online and in the classroom.

TTM is the combination of Aerolearn online courses and online tracking and reporting with Northrop Rice classroom and shop training.

TTM adds a dedicated person to assign and track your employee training. We remove the burden of training, by assigning training, and delivering training both online and in the classroom in accordance with your FAA approved Training Program. We incorporate our training delivery methods into your Repair Station Manual. We are experts at writing FAA Manuals and working with FAA FSDO personnel. Let us review your manual and incorporate the training offerings that fit your Repair Station capabilities list.


In constant development since 1999, Aerolearn is the industry leader for delivering aviation maintenance training online. Both our software and courses have been developed to supplement any FAR Part 145 repair station training program. 

Aerolearn has a unique custom-developed Training Management System (TMS) that was designed with the aviation maintenance community in mind.

Aerolearn includes our state of the art LMS in every Total Training Management system we build. It becomes your companies turnkey training system with online courses and web-based record keeping. We deliver and track all your corporate training as needed.

The Aerolearn - Northrop Rice Total Training Management (TTM) program features:
  • A dedicated Aerolearn Training Manager for your FAA Repair Station
  • Combinations of text, graphics, audio, or video easily incorporated into content
  • Motivate and engage users with interactive exercises
  • Tests developed using True/False, multiple choice, and matching questions
  • Courses have a consistent interface for ease of use
  • The ability to track user(s) progress
  • Centralization of all your training content and documentation
  • Effectively manage training for your employees
  • Comprehensive printed reports for FAA, EASA and ISO audits.
  • A state of the art OJT tracking system for recording On the Job Training
  • A complete LMS to track all your employees classroom and Factory Schools training
  • A review of your FAA Training Program, then modifications for integrating Aerolearn and Northrop Rice courses to your spec.


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About Aerolearn

We have been building online courses for aircraft maintenance since 1999. We have been teaching Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) courses since 1947.

We give FAA Repair Stations options when it come to training. Online or On-Site. Classroom or Shop, Your Choice, because we do it all.

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